Couples & Partners Therapy

a safe space to discuss your concerns, desires, and difficulties with each other

Seeking counseling can be a daunting process for a lot of people and thinking about doing it with your partner(s) can be down right scary! Sometimes there is a lot of resistance from a partner and often people want to know what they will expect before they get into counseling. The big fearful question many people have is, “Am I going to be blamed or made out to be the bad one?”

This is a completely normal fear and the simple answer is no. While some behaviors may be healthier for the relationship you want, I am not interested in playing the blame game. It is my job to help clients agree upon and reach their desired relationship goals.

While individual therapy seeks to support the individual, a couple’s therapist is looking out for the best interest of each client. So what can you expect in couple’s or partner’s counseling?

• A mediator who will put things into perspective and help you make sense of what is going on in the relationship.

• Guidance and support to overcome difficult issues and increase helpful communication between one another. Often communication can get buried beneath our own issues making it can difficult to really hear our partner.

• A safe space to discuss your concerns, desires, and difficulties with each other.

• Help to increase understanding of what you are really trying to say to one another by seeing the root of your need.

• Equal time, attention, and understanding from your therapist.

• Uncovering things about yourself and your partner that can help you better the relationship.


So what problems can we address?

• Ineffective or hurtful communication –feeling unheard

• Boredom

• Martial issues (including the desire to be married or not)

• Sex (including desire, boredom, incompatibility, performance,
sexual acceptance, body image issues and more)

• Intimacy

• Infidelity

• Feeling like you’ve reached an impasse

• Death and dying

• Transitions

• Children

• Money


If you didn’t see your problem on this list, have no fear! These are some of the most common issues, but not the only ones. Please contact me to see if I can help you or if a referral is necessary.


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