Individual Therapy

clients work one-on-one in a safe, caring, and confidential environment

While we sometimes find it helpful to talk problems through with our family or friends, we often find that many judgments are involved, that they really don’t “get it” or that the problem isn’t really getting any better. Perhaps someone suggested that you seek out therapy knowing that they really can’t help your current situation like a professional can. Or maybe you are tired of the same cycle, tired of feeling hopeless and stuck, frustrated with your life or current situation, or it is possible that you are really interested in understanding who you are on a deeper level to be able to live a life more true to yourself. Whatever your motivation is for seeking therapy, you will be met with empathy as we work together to help you see things more clearly, deal with your negative thoughts and feelings better, help you make positive changes in your life, and reach your therapy goals.

When you talk to a therapist you not only get someone who is trained, but you get someone who can be truly objective. We give perspective and we are able explore and explain a situation without it being about our needs.

In therapy you are given the chance to explore your thoughts and feelings and understand the effect they have on your behavior and mood. Therapy can help you recognize patterns, see how they influence your life, and work to make necessary and positive changes. Therapy can help you take greater control of your life, improve your relationships, and build your confidence and resilience.

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