Solution Focused Therapy

goal-directed collaborative approach

Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) is a goal-oriented therapy that focuses on solutions rather than problem focused as many other therapies are. It is also known as Brief Solution Focused Therapy or Solution Focused Brief Therapy.

Basic philosophy & assumptions of SFT

– Change is constant and inevitable
– Clients are the experts and define goals
– Clients have resources and strengths to solve problems
– Future orientation – history is not essential
– Emphasis is on what is possible and changeable
– Short term
– Clients want change

The therapist examines the elements of the client’s life that they wish to alter and also those elements that want to leave unchanged. Working together, the client and therapist devise a vision of what the possible future could look like. The past is used to identify strengths and actions and use what was positively done in the past to obtain a similar outcome in the future. The basis of this form of therapy is to maintain a constant focus on the future, and to only rely on the past experiences as a resource.


While you read these remember that I do not use any one therapy for any one client, but an accumulation of therapies to best suit the individual’s needs. I am always expanding my knowledge as well and may incorporate different techniques as well. 

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