Strengths-based Therapy

focusing on the inherent strengths and skills you already have

This counseling focuses on the natural strengths and skills that people already have, and uses it as building blocks for future success and problem-solving. Rather than focusing attention on the problem or using language that stigmatizes people, a strengths-focused approach empowers people by drawing awareness to the positives that already exist inside and around them. This approach dictates that people are not defined by their problem, diagnosis, or illness. Instead people are shown their capacity to grow and change.

Utilizing a strengths-based approach can be particularly useful for individuals who feel overwhelmed by the enormity of their problems. By re-framing the perception of the situation from focusing on everything that is wrong to one that identify what is right, you can begin to develop constructive, realistic, and attainable goals.

The Strengths Based approach doesn’t mean that you ignore the problem or fail to discuss it directly. What can make this approach so powerful is that you discuss problems within the context of drawing upon the strengths and successes that people demonstrate in other areas of their life. When people feel empowered, they can be full participants in bringing about more positive changes.


While you read these remember that I do not use any one therapy for any one client, but an accumulation of therapies to best suit the individual’s needs. I am always expanding my knowledge as well and may incorporate different techniques as well. 

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